7 Essential Ballet Jump Glossary Terms

Exploring Ballet Jumps

Ballet, the classical dance form with roots in the Italian Renaissance, is celebrated for its grace, discipline, and particularly its jumps. An integral aspect of ballet is its specialized vocabulary, with jumps playing a crucial role in showcasing a dancer’s prowess. This ballet jump glossary will guide aficionados and practitioners through essential ballet terminology.

The Ballet Adage Foundation

Understanding begins with the adage—slow, graceful exercises that often incorporate light jumps. This element forms the cornerstone for learning elaborate leaps later in one’s ballet journey.

Petit Allegro: An Introduction to Ballet Leaps

Small yet brisk, petit allegro jumps are many dancers’ initial encounter with ballet leaps, featuring terms such as ‘pas de chat’, ‘entrechat’, and ‘assemblé’. These foundational movements are critical for any burgeoning dancer’s repertoire.

Ballet Jump Glossary

Grand Allegro: Ballet’s Breathtaking Leaps

Grand allegro comprises larger-than-life jumps like the grand jeté, tour en l’air, and saut de chat—each a testament to a dancer’s finesse and athleticism, often forming the climax of ballet performances.

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Coda: Where Ballet Jumps Soar

The coda in pas de deux highlights intricate jump combinations, blending strength with elegance to create an unforgettable spectacle.

Ballet Jumps: The Fusion of Athleticism and Artistry

While technical proficiency in jumps is paramount, ballet artists must also imbue their performance with emotion, elevating the experience to poetic heights.

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The Pursuit of Perfection: Ballet Jump Training

Mastering ballet jumps entails rigorous training and progression from barre exercises to center floor work, ultimately leading to stunning stage displays.

Practicing Technique and Safety in Jumps

In ballet, proper jumping technique is vital for aesthetics and ensuring dancers’ longevity in the art.

Ballet Jumps: Evolution and Modern Influence

Evolution of ballet jumps has not only refined the art but also permeated other dance styles, accentuating ballet’s enduring impact.

Iconic Ballet Jump Moments

Performances like Le Corsaire, Giselle, and Don Quixote are immortalized by their captivating jump sequences, demonstrating the spellbinding allure of ballet.


The ballet jump glossary encapsulates the complexity and beauty of ballet. Understanding these terms is essential for appreciating this art form that continues to inspire generations of dancers and audiences worldwide.

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