Les Twins: Revolutionizing the Dance World with Unique Techniques and Style


With a name synonymous with style, ingenuity, and spontaneity, Les Twins have succeeded in revolutionizing the dance scene across the world. Laurence and Laurent Bourgeois, the French powerhouse duo, have carved out a unique niche through their distinctive freestyle dance routines, demonstrating an art form that is authentically their own. Their remarkable rise to international fame has not only influenced modern dance styles but has also reshaped dance culture in its entirety.

The Beginning of an Era

Born in the outskirts of Paris in 1988, the identical twin brothers were introduced to dance during their formative years. Their nimble movements, twinned with an inherent sense of rhythm, set them apart from their peers. The duo stormed the French amateur dance scene with their original choreographies, quickly gaining recognition in the circle. Their success wasn’t limited to France; their unique style caught the eye of the international dance community.

Influence and Impact

Their influence transcends beyond being accomplished dancers. The Les Twins are more than that – they’re modern-day dance visionaries, reshaping the contours of the entire dance industry.

Talent Meets Opportunity

After successes on French TV shows like Les Incroyables Talents, the brothers got their big break when Beyoncé invited them to join her on her Mrs. Carter World Tour in 2013. Their breathtaking performances on global stages catapulted them to fame, ultimately paving the path for their domination in the dance industry.

Unique Dance Style

The Les Twins distinctive style revolutionized the dance sphere, blending urban dance elements with classical ballet techniques. Their trademark New Style Hip Hop routine exemplifies the fluidity and adaptability that has become the duo’s hallmark.

Crowning Achievements

Their creativity and relentless dedication to their craft are evidenced in their many accolades. Most notably, they bagged the maiden title at the World of Dance competition in 2017, which substantiated their standing as two of the best dancers in the world.

The Les Twins Brand

Their influence isn’t only seen on the dance floor. The Les Twins have created a successful brand encompassing fashion, music, and even movie acting — broadening their reach and impact in popular culture.

Legacy and Future Implications

Their profound impact on the dance world will resonate for generations to come. They’ve carved out a roadmap for future dancers to follow, leaving an indelible mark on the world of dance.

At The Heart of it All

Their success story isn’t merely one of talent and good fortune. It delves deeper, intertwining elements of determination, ingenuity, perseverance, and an earnest passion for their art.


At the top of their game, Les Twins continue to be celebrated as pioneers in their field. The duo’s unique interpretation of dance and their continual reinvention of the medium have proven their mettle in the competitive world of dance. Their story is a testament to the power of originality, daring to be different, and the far-reaching implications of cultural revolution.

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