10 Fundamental Sirtaki Dance Steps: Mastering the Greek Traditional Dance


The Sirtaki dance steps, deeply rooted in Greek culture and history, have mesmerized many worldwide. This article provides a comprehensive guide to mastering these intricate dance steps and appreciating the dance’s cultural essence.

Grasping the Sirtaki Dance Concept

Prior to learning the steps, one should grasp the Sirtaki dance’s core essence. It combines slow and fast rhythms, performed in a line or circle with dancers clutching each other’s shoulders.

Sirtaki Dance: Tracing its Roots

The iconic 1964 film “Zorba the Greek” introduced Sirtaki dance to the world, but its origins are steeped in older Greek dances like Hasapiko and Syrtos. Acknowledging its roots deepens the understanding and appreciation of the dance.

The Basic Steps of Sirtaki Dance

The Sirtaki dance commences with slow, elegant steps that form the dance’s backbone. Perfecting these steps is key to a successful performance.

  1. Positioning: Adopt a straight stance with feet together and arms resting at your sides.

  2. First Step: Slide your right foot to the side, then bring your left foot to join it.

  3. Second Step: Repeat the first step, this time moving to your left.

  4. Third Step: Step your right foot back and bring your left foot to meet it.

  5. Fourth Step: Repeat the third step, but now moving forward.

These steps are rhythmically repeated in harmony with the music.

The Advanced Steps of Sirtaki Dance

As the music’s pace accelerates, so do the dance steps. The fast-paced segment involves more intricate footwork and movements.

  1. Hop Step: Hop on your right foot while swinging your left foot to the side.

  2. Cross Step: Cross your left foot over your right, then step your right foot out to the side.

  3. Kick Step: Thrust your left foot forward, step it down, then kick your right foot forward.

These steps should be repeated in sync with the music’s accelerated rhythm.

Perfecting the Movements

The Sirtaki dance is more than just mastering footwork; it’s about expressing joy through body movement. As you progress, incorporate hand gestures and body sways to truly embody the Sirtaki spirit.

Sirtaki dance steps

The Value of Practice

Like all dances, perfecting the Sirtaki dance steps requires time and practice. Don’t be disheartened if you struggle initially. Regular practice will improve your comfort with the steps and movements, enhancing your overall performance.

For more on mastering fundamental dance steps, check out the masterful execution of fundamental dance steps a detailed look into performing the essential moves.


The Sirtaki dance is not just a sequence of steps—it’s a stunning representation of Greek culture and history. This guide will not only teach you how to execute this enchanting dance but also help you appreciate its cultural relevance. Enjoy your dance journey!

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